Kenya Safari Deals

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Kenya is among the top tourist attraction destinations in the great African continent. The country is eminently occupied by a rugged landscape, water bodies, coastline, and wildlife. Travelers from across the continents take pleasure in coming to see the renowned scenery, interact with locals as well as exploring other attractions.

No words can explain the relief of Kenya’s mountainous regions and wonders like the great wildebeest migration, hot springs and geysers witnessed in some lakes. Traveling in Kenya is worth adoring. Tourists from across the world love traveling to Kenya for adventure to explore the beautiful relief, wildlife, indigenous cultures, coastal climate, and other attractions.

At Charles Safaris & Car Hire, we offer our customers the best and most flexible private Kenya safari tours packages. Our aim is to give tourists the most breath-taking experiences including the beautiful wild animals, awesome landscape and gorgeous cultures that Kenya has to offer.

Budget Custom Safaris

Explore Kenya in comfort and style, staying at the very best luxury Kenya hotels, lodges and camps with our budget custom safaris.

Airport & SGR Transfers

Get the best and comfortable mode of transport from JKIA or SGR to City Hotels and others parts of the country.

Self Drive Car Hire

We provide a high level of personalized car hire services for high-profile individuals, large corporations & business clients.