Plan My Safari in Kenya

“Plan My Safari” option allows our team of safari specialists to guide you in choosing the right safari for you in Kenya. When it comes to planning where to go on safari, and how to spend your time, it can be difficult. We have done our research when it comes to where to stay or choose from authentic tented camps or lodges. Our safari specialists, having explored extensively and often lived or worked in Kenya, will know exactly where to guide you in choosing the right safari for you. We also work with some of the country’s best guides, who are eager to share their knowledge of the bush.

We have a wide range of safari vehicles that can withstand all-terrain. Vehicles include safari mini-vans with a top hatch for easy game viewing, 4 x 4 all-terrain safari land cruisers. Our safari vehicles are fitted with long-range high-frequency radio so that driver-guides can communicate in parks when searching for wildlife. We will advise on the best places to visit depending on the safari season and the most appropriate places to stay when in or near parks for the best safari experience.

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