Kenya Coast

Kenya Coast stretches approximately 535km from the South coast in Mombasa to the North coast in Lamu. Mombasa is the second largest town in Kenya. It is now faster to get to Mombasa from Nairobi through the recently launched railway transport. What many tourists find pleasure in Mombasa include beaches, coral reefs, natural environment, cultures and the landscape. The ocean itself is exceptionally awesome and contains thousands of species of fish and other aquatic creatures. Striking economic avenues in the region include fishing in the Indian Ocean and the Kenya Port Authority where many explorers like visiting. Travelers also appreciate the Fort Jesus Colonial site with thick coral walls that has been there for years. Coral reefs of distinct colors and nature have been in existence for thousands of years.

Kenya Coast Regions


Mombasa is an Island on the Indian Ocean and the capital of the wider Mombasa County. The town consists of several other nearby smaller islands. Mombasa is Kenya’s second largest metropolitan area after Nairobi and is located along the eastern coast of Kenya. Mombasa was at first referred to as “Manbasa” – meaning an Island of war. This was because the island was the center stage for countless wars of occupation by the early settlers (Arabs, Portuguese, Locals and the British). Mombasa offers tourists a chance to experience its rich seafaring traditions, coral reefs, water sports, seas food, architectural wonders, and amazing hotels and palm tree/white sand beaches.


Diani, Ukunda, or South Coast as some prefer to call it, is a coastal town located 30 kilometers south of Mombasa, and 515 km from Nairobi. The beach is about 17 kilometers long, from the Kongo River to the north and Galu beach to the south. Diani is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kenya and has a population of around 100,000 inhabitants. The beach destination is famous for its white sand beaches, Blue Ocean and kite surfing. Diani beach is popular for relaxing resorts frequented with honeymooners, backpackers and families on holiday.

To the south of the Indian Ocean lies Wasini Island. Exposed high above the surface of the ocean waters are coral reefs. People love visiting Wasini Island due to snorkeling and playing with Dolphins. To the south of Wasini Island is Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park, also known as the home of Dolphins characterized by the presence of endemic animals. Coral reefs are more than enough and randomly spread in waters. Most explorers love touring the area for its best snorkeling environment, observing birds as well as sunbathing.


Watamu is another beauty of its own. It has a vast natural beauty with oceanic detection. The beaches are awesome with fine sand, making it the best place to visit during holidays and weekends for relaxation and recreation.


One of the stunning attractions in Malindi is the Malindi Marine National Park. Once at the marine park, it is fun playing with fish at the park with the help of boat operators. The stillness of the water at the park attracts divers from across the continents. Beaches are within reach where tourists enjoy windsurfing and water skiing. Still on Malindi, rich historical and cultural destructions are found in Gedi, a town initially inhabited by Swahili group of people in the 17th century. Today, the place is inhabited by mangrove and large baobab trees with prominent buttress roots. People in the village love interacting with travelers who visit the region seasonally.


Lamu has Portuguese and Arab forts with thick wooden curved doors that attract the attention of many travellers from around the world. Deserted beaches in the island are worth walking through as one enjoys breathtaking from the beautiful natural landscape. Donkey and dhow are the only transport means in the island, an aspect that attracts travelers to enjoy riding on animals. Interestingly, many visitors to the island like feasting on the local Swahili food.

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